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"A Remarkable and Poignant Film
About Her Late Brother."

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01/Oct/04: Thank you, Carole Dean, & From The Heart Productions ... "Mart-Face" 1 of 5 Finalists for the LA Editing Grant.

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Photo of Mart-Face and Rufus
by Leslie Chain

"Mart-Face" is my Down's Syndrome, brother, Marty, about whom I've written a song, a book, and done a documentary feature film: All entitled, "Mart-Face".

I don't think any animal or human who has met Marty will ever forget him. And I want everyone to meet my brother, "Mart-Face".

Marty/Mart-Face once did stand-up as Phyllis Diller. He was brilliant. The audience laughed, cried, cheered, and gave him a standing ovation.

My brother was a gift to me in this life I feel compelled to share with the world since his death, 17 September 1999.

I hope to establish The Mart-Face Foundation for culture vulture tours and animal affection expeditions for people like my brother.

Mart-Face expected miracles. Mart-Face got miracles. "Mart-Face" is miracles.

"Mart-Face" was given his own cinema, film festival, limo, and website (www.Mart-Face.com) in Ohio in June of 1999.

"Mart-Face" has since screened at New Filmmakers at Anthology Film Archives, New York, in January of 2001.

"Mart-Face" was invited to screen at the debut of The Dahlonega International Film Festival, in Atlanta, in June of 2001.


"Mart-Face" is a deeply moving and inspiring film, which deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.

David Maquiling, Filmmaker, "Too Much Sleep"
New York

"Mart-Face" is a very sincere film about something that's real.

Barney Oldfield, Producer
New York

"Mart-Face" is incredible. I want everyone to see this film. You'll laugh. You'll cry. And I can promise you this: You'll never forget "Mart-Face".

Louie Free - The Louie Free Show, WASN Radio

MART-FACE is a wonderful documentary. A very, very moving and tender film done as only a sibling could do.

Leslee Scallon - Founder, DANCES WITH FILMS
Los Angeles

"Mart-Face" is in God's Hall of Fame.

Jim Tressel - Former YSU Football Coach
Current OSU Football Coach

"Mart-Face" is touching ... "outsider-art" ... a lesson to any filmmaker.

Jerome Poynton - Swiss Effects

"Mart-Face" should be required viewing for every woman who tests positive for Down's Syndrome on her amniocentesis."

Loretta Culwell - Chemistry Technical Specialist
St. Elizabeth's Hospital Laboratory

A very creative, original film. "Mart-Face" is a beautiful tribute to Mart-Face.

Carol Dean - Studio Film and Tape
New York, Los Angeles

He lived a very difficult life better than anyone could have.

John Kenley - Kenley Players

"Mart-Face" evokes a strong, emotional response, as well as enlightenment. A lovely film.

Dawn Evans - Psychologist and Writer

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Leslie Chain ~ Filmmaker/Sister



(The Filmmaker is a Member of The International Documentary Association; The Independent Feature Project; A.E.A.; S.A.G.; A.S.C.A.P.; D.G.I.; and the S.S.D.C.)

See Filmmaker's work as a performer here.


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"Want To?"
~ Mart-Face

We Love You
We Kiss You
We Miss You

~ Les

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